Peter is a major sponsor of our Club. Even if he wasn't, he would still be listed here for the great service he gives. As well as batteries he carries a range of chargers suitable for modelling use.

Very helpful guys with a range of commercial sailing models. Very knowledgeable about model making and not afraid to point you in the right direction, even if it is a cheaper option.

Monday - Friday  9 - 5:30

Saturday               9 - 2

Sunday                 10 - 1

Closed on public Holidays

 Why not have a fishing shop on a sailing site? It is a great source of swivels etc as well as a great range of coated stainless steel trace for making sidestays etc. The guys there are very helpful and have regular discounts. If you want anything there I (Terry) can pick it up for you. It might also be the only fishing shop that sells 8 ball tables.

The shop also runs the Onka Stompa fishing competition to raise funds for the Childhood Cancer Association. Have a read about the competition at

Thinks to self "Wonder how a Carp Killer Comp would go?".