Posted by Terry Smith on April 30, 2019 at 12:50 AM

Hi Terry :-)

I think the expression you are looking for is

Ventis enim variabilis est stagnum ignis :-X


Graham A :-)


Ave Graham, transferendum tu salutant.


The phrase ‘Venti in stagnum, sit variabilis’ was produced by Google Tranalate. I had some reservations as to its’ accuracy.

Venti...............the wind

Stagnum.........the lake/pond

Sit....................let it be


This would be OK as an invocation to the gods i.e. ‘Let the winds on the pond be variable’, then sacrifice a goat/duck/virgin as appropriate. The problem then becomes, which of the Venti should we invoke; Aquilo, Auster, Vulturnus or Favonius? I would propose Favonius as he would give us our best sailing conditions. I really think that it would be better to separate our club from religion.


The first thing that stands out with your phrase is the word ‘ignis’ which, as we all know, is fire.

Secondly, the verb ‘est’ is not at the end of the sentence.

Word by word your phrase comes out as

Ventis.............the winds



Stagnum........the lake/pond

Ignis............... fire

Or ‘For variable winds is the lake of fire’. Doesn’t quite trip off of the tongue. And we do not have a burn-off permit.


The Latin that I learnt in high school would have the verb at the end of the sentence. I think that it should actually be ‘Venti in stagnum variabilis est’.

Venti...............the wind

Stagnum.........the lake/pond


‘The wind on the pond is variable’,





Should we add


I am not sure of the latin for "Bob's Bastard Bouy

We were very short of virgins and goats.

It will have to be a duck.


Graham A


cave volantem per calceus


Bob pila bastardis est




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