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We started with a nice gentle day that developed into fairly strong gusts before dropping back to gentle with  a bit of Scotch Mist (light drizzle). My computer chucked a wobbly and I had to score the first race manually. The page with Race One results got filed with the Gods and they will return it when they feel like it.


The Long Course guys woossed out when the Scotch Mist came in but John Amos and Bevan (grizzled old tars that they are) battled it out to the bitter end. Now that John has rid himself of the vinyard he may have time to get his Ragazza into fighting trim.


061 08nov14 handicap short course photo 06108nov14handicapshortcourse_zps30c16336.jpg


Ian posted a good result now that he has realised that it is not like pin ball. You don't get rewards for hitting the bumpers or the buoys.


Bob and Brian brought the A Classers in one point apart. John Lykke was just behind them at the end of the day but would have fared better if he didn't have to go to Murray Bridge to pick up Delvene. I'm not sure she would have appreciated being stranded for the sake of 4 or 5 points.


Rex tried turning his boat into a weaving mill and took himself out for the first few races. He and Roger went behind the shelter for a bit of secret mens' business until Rex came back racing. Roger enjoyed himself so much that he kept businessing for the rest of the day.


061 photo 06108nov14handicaplongcourse_zpsbe5a1726.jpg


All in all, a good day.


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I was unavailable and David Martin kindly took over the scoring. Not having the computer he could only log race positions with no times. As a result there was no Corrected Time result for that day.


Bevan was the only Short Course racer there and so the rabble forced him to race Long Course.


Well done all. It is good to see that Bevan managed to stay up with Brian's A Class. It just shows what can happen if you race above your division occasionally and get some incentive to tune your boat.


060 photo 06025oct14linehonours_zpse53174ba.jpg


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Mill pond one week, Cyclone Tracy the next. We have had no racing so far this month but David Martin is going to persist. 25th OCT we will try for Line Honours/ Corrected Time.


Watch out for a tidal wave at Club Med Paris Creek.


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As previously noted, if you're out of sugar and making coffee, hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) are not a sugar substitute.


I can now take this further. If you're out of milk, you're better off drinking it black than trying Farmer's Union Greek Style Natural Yoghurt.

Racing 2015

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Racing starts 11 October 2015 for the Summer series.


As seen at the A Class championship, if the races start on time, we can get 5 races in before lunch. That takes the pressure off of trying to complete 10 races before the 3PM wind fade-out. Worth thinking about. I'd hate to start the races bang on time and have people dribbling in over the first few races with DNS's against their names.


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Everyone is full of advice for newcomers. The best class. The best transmitter. How to tune a boat. Tactics. We all (me included) seem to forget the basics.


Graham Palmer put it to me. What tools, materials, should he be carrying?


The top of my list

1. WD-40 or similar

2. String

3. Cryo and Zap


What else do you consider should be in a newcomers tool box? You'll notice I didn't go for any tools, I left that up to you guys.

Summer 2015 calendar

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The proposed racing calendar is up. If anyone has problems with it, let me know and we will try to resolve it. The calendar may change if there are clashes with State/National events being held in South Australia.


As per the last season, the worst result will be discarded so that members having other commitments will not be knocked out totally by missing just one day.