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Graham Edwards had problems with his Focus on 05 July 2017. He could turn to port, but he could not tack onto starboard. It had all the symptoms of a rudder problem.


It turned out that the culprit was the eye on the deck where the main sheet comes up to meet the boom. If you move the heel of your mast back and have a lot of down adjust on your boom vang, the boom vang can foul on the deck eye. In this case it meant that the boom had full range of movement to port. When Graham tried to tack, however, the boom was held slightly to port of the deck eye. On a starboard tack this meant that the mainsail was back winded and it forced the boat back onto a port tack.

One to keep in the back of the mind if you have similar symptoms.


Social sailing day school

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Hi guys, on our next social sailing day, SAT 07JUN14, I will go through How to use Tell Tales on your sails, where they should be placed, and why you need a twist on your leech. If you want to gain the most from this, try to have at least 3 pairs of tell tales for your boat.


They are easy to make, I'll tell you how this weekend.


Please tell me what other topics you feel are most needed for upcoming schools. Input need not come only from "just learners" but experienced sailors who can see a need for certain topics to be covered.


Cheers,  Terry

Maintenance, repair, tuning

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I just came across a site that has a very comprehensive allocation of common-sense maintenance, repair and tuning information.


The boat involved is the Nirvana. When reading the information they often refer to the problem being with the Nirvana but the situations apply to all craft. Anyone with an ABS boat will find particular points of interest regarding over-tightening stays leading to hull deformation.


While I do not agree totally with all of their information I believe that it is a great refresher for old sailors and an invaluable resource for beginners.


They also have sections regarding yacht club development. I found most of this very interesting and urge you to have a read through to see what you think we should implement. If you want a good laugh, read the section Yacht Club Development - 3, page Sailors Walk of Fame.



One thing that I did pick up from the site is that CA glue lasts longer  if you store it in the fridge. That gives me another excuse to keep the Engel running all of the time in the back of the Troopy.